HGH Complex – Formation and importance in growth

HGH complex is a combination of 191 amino acids, responsible in the growth of muscles, bone, cells and organs in the body. This growth hormone is formed in the body naturally in the anterior part of the pituitary gland.

HGH complex is also a name of a supplement that is vitamin based. It needs three systems in the body for its function. They are

  1. Testosterone system
    2. Amino acid system
    3. Pituitary system

Here we can have a report about the mechanism involved in the human growth hormone formation in the body with HGH complex and how it works. It contains six main amino acids that is needed for the release of the human growth hormone by the pituitary gland. They are of L – type namely

(1) L – Glutamine (2) L –Tyrosine
(3) L – Lysine (4) L –Arginine
(5) L – Ornithine (6) Glycine

These amino acids are formulated and added in a small quantity like 100 mg. These complex substances are intended to work in the hypo thalamus in the pituitary gland. It will be interesting, if I provide you with the process that you will be under going when you take this HGH complex. This complex is designed to perform the following function.

– Makes the pituitary gland to release the growth hormone
– Makes the pituitary gland to stimulate the level of IGF – 1
– Boosting testosterone.

This HGH complex has a advanced function that stimulates the master gland to release the growth hormone and also makes it increase the IGF-1 level in the body. These are main functions that are done by the human body naturally. Testosterone also plays a vital role in the growth of the body especially in men. This complex acts as pre cursor in stimulating the testosterone hormone. As a result, there will be

– Increase in energy level
– Muscles gets toned
– Excess unwanted fats are burnt.

With most fame in its pocket “Maximum Result” is another HGH complex that is been the talk of the town in the human growth hormone stimulation field. This is a natural compound that is taken orally. Since it is naturally formulated, it is mostly used by all people with out the risk of any other effects in the body.

There are two main ingredients in this complex along with four other synergetic ingredients. They are (1) Liver Extract 3X and (2) Pituitary Extract 12X. the cause of aging is due to the weakness of the master gland. So the second ingredient here will stop aging. Liver plays a unique role in synthesize of human growth hormone. This process will be cleared by the first compound resulting in the increase in the level of IGF – 1.

The other four compounds that are present in the HGH complex medicine are also crucial in enhancing the other performances in the body relating to growth. They are explained below.

– Korean Ginseng -> Improves energy level
– Arnica Montana -> Sleep Quality
– Acidum Phosphoricum -> Strength
– Carduus Marianus -> Metabolism and burns body fat

HGH Safety

The Human Growth Hormone is a natural hormone which is produced in the pituitary gland of the human brain. The hormone is a central hormone because the majority of the functions of the body are controlled by this hormone. HGHis the cause of youth and vitality of our body.

Almost all cells in the body communes with HGH. Once a person enters his adolescence age the production of the hormone reduces by 14% every ten years. So to enhance growth and delay aging a person takes in HGH.

A person without HGH will always be tired and lethargic. Growth of a person who is deficient in the hormone will be not normal and only scrawny growth can be seen in him. Once a person grows older the hormones produced in our body naturally will decrease relatively and this is the time the person may require HGH supplements.

The production of HGH in our body is at its maximum between 20 and 31. After this age the growth hormone in our body decreases and our body has difficulty in maintaining the healthy cell growth.

HGH supplement is the cheapest and the safest product. It is becoming quiet popular and because of its good results it has been accepted by many. These supplements contain natural herbs where as HGH injections and sprays contain synthetic components. Even though these supplements are cheaper they still give you the same benefits which you would derive from the costlier injections. Thus the safest and the most efficient mode to promote or refill your natural HGH levels is the HGH safety supplement.

There are two categories of HGH. They are the Releasers and the Secretagogues. The cheapest form of HGH supplement is the Releaser. It provides 191 amino acid HGH building blocks. These HGH supplements come in the form of tablets or capsule. The HGH is more active in the pituitary gland only when you are sleeping so it is always advisable to take the supplements before going to bed.

The Secretagogues form of HGH has minute amounts of the growth hormones. They are usually taken only to stimulate your body to produce more naturally. They are usually measured in nanograms. The absorption of this supplement aids the pituitary gland to produce more of the hormones naturally into your blood stream. These supplements contain real growth hormones. The supplement is available without prescription but only in small quantity.

HGH safety is assured for those who are deficient in the human growth hormones. These hormones have minute side effects. Fluid retention for a short period with pain on the wrists and increased blood sugar levels are some of the side effects. When such side effects arise then just simply reduce the dosage and you will be free from the side effects. But the best way to delay aging and to increase vitality and appearance in our life is to supplement diet with safe and natural HGH. This will allow us to avoid diseases and other conditions which are related to aging.

Natural HGH – Present in every one’s body

If you expect to have natural HGH in your body, then your life style should be in such a way with discipline in diet, exercise and medication. Human growth hormone is present in every ones body synthesized by it. But it will differ in levels in the persons. Learn about the Somatotropic hormone here which the natural one is.

Somatotropic hormone is the natural HGH that is a peptide hormone rich in protein. The increase in this hormone level will increase the level of growth and other physical activities. Natural way of increasing the level of this hormone is what to be discussed here below.

The researchers found that there is no work for the human growth hormone after puberty. It will stop working and there will be no growth. This was proved wrong in recent times as the metabolic activity of the body is controlled by this hormone. Healthier body condition is best maintained by the natural HGH in the body.

The natural HGH secretion has a certain rhythmic activity producing 6 to 12 pulses in a day. The largest pulse is the pulse that is initiated after the sleep. Sleep, exercise and diet are responsible for the natural HGH secretion. The growth hormone is released by another hormone of the hypo thalamus called the growth hormone releasing hormone. This similar growth hormone is inhibited by another hormone called the somato statin that is also secreted in the hypo thalamus of the master gland.

Many controversies arose about the capability of exercise to help in the secretion of natural HGH. It was too early in those days to prove it and it was said that the growth due to exercise is due to the increase in level of adrenaline in the body. In these days it was proved that exercise increase the secretion of growth hormone along with reducing the excess fat in body and regulating the blood glucose level.

Natural HGH secretion can be improved by the use of good dietary plan in the life. Some dietary facts for the above process are listed below for the reference.

– High Carbohydrate diet is advised for athletes after a good exercise. If fat diet is taken before exercise then there is a chance for the reduction in secretion of human growth hormone.
– Need to take plenty of water.
– Diet rich in proteins, vitamins and mineral salts.
– Less fat diet if the patient is suffering from its excess or deficiency.

Natural HGH is also the naturally made supplements that help in releasing and secreting the human growth hormone. Vital HGH is also a homeopathic drug that is made by natural process. It helps in the process of anti aging. It burns the fat and also helps in faster absorption in to the blood stream. It stops the developing wrinkles in the skin. It reduces sleeplessness by improving a good sleeping condition in the human being. It is a clinically tested medicine and it is a oral spray.


HGH as Body Building Supplements

Dietary substances which help in building of muscles but at the same time lose fat are actually bodybuilding supplements. These supplements are used by the athletes, body builders etc. There are many body building supplements but since HGH is safer, it has become the most popular supplement. Also HGH became common after prohormone was bannedHGH body building supplements are only natural boosters. This when taken will help the body to produce the hormone on its own.

These bodybuilding supplements are good only when they are taken in combination with other body building supplements. Only after the passage of 1-2 months the results of the HGH intake will be visible. Milk whey and a multivitamin if taken along with the bodybuilding supplement will be very useful. These HGH supplements are not expensive.

Why should you choose HGH body building supplements? The reasons are:

HGH is released straight into the blood stream. A lot of research conducted has shown that the muscle size increases and that too in a positive way with the use of HGH body building supplements. Apart from this, body muscles are strengthenedand their life also enhances with the use of these hormones. There is significant increase in the mass and volume of muscles by taking these HGH supplements and this has been proved. The effect is visible in less than two months. These HGH supplements are regarded as master hormones as they affect all parts of the body. It enhances the growth of cells and other internal organs.

Improper secretion of HGH results in loss of muscle, energy loss and ultimately shorter life span. The lesser secretion of HGH means that the person is aging. So to have a bodybuilder’s body you need to take HGH supplements. HGH helps in losing fat and hence is known to promote body building. Body building is no child’s play and can’t be achieved in a day but HGH goes a long way in aiding this process and people are happy with its results. Many weight-lifters, athletes, sportsmen etc use this drug for body building purposes. The ban of a drug called prohormone promoted HGH as a body building supplement and its name grew in this sphere by leaps and bounds, nobody could stop its sales from increasing day in and day out.

The best results can be achieved when HGH body building supplements are used in combination with other body building supplements. It helps individuals to lose body fat, which is not required and gain muscle strength, which is very essential. It may take a month or two to show significant changes in this area of body-building, you’re not supposed to expect fast and quick results. It’s a slow process and requires patience. Patience is the key for all such drugs and the phrase ‘Slow and steady wins the race’ holds very true in this case too. Expecting quick results may leave you feeling depressed and hence you might not be able to achieve the desired and expected results in the stipulated time period of a month or two.


Do Human Growth Hormones Have Side Effects?

Human growth hormones are synthetic hormones designed to imitate the one produced and secreted by the pituitary gland. It is mainly formulated for children with pituitary defects. The deficiency can be from many problems including radiation treatments, surgery, and tumors. In children HGH can be useful against several types of conditions like Turner’s syndrome, kidney failure, and muscle deterioration from AIDS or HIV. It is also used in adults to increase muscle mass, decrease body fat, and help the heart to contract. Some adults use it to fight of the signs of aging. However, it only delays the wrinkles it does not stop them.

Athletes also use HGH. It is injected into the muscle. Studies say that it can decrease body fat, increase muscle mass, increase bone density, and increase endurance, but it does not improve strength. This has been categorized with anabolic steroids and is against the Anti-Doping Agency, Olympic Committee and many other sports and leagues such as NFL (National Football League), NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) and others. On the other hand, when your body is not deficient in the production of growth hormones and you begin taking it, you can have a variety of side effects some more severe than others.

Majority of users have slight side effects. Many complain of headaches, bloating, and joints and muscle pain. There are often complaints of arthritis and carpel tunnel symptoms. These cases typically go away with a smaller dosage or less frequent injection of the medicine. On the other hand there are very severe side effects that can lead to death. There are cases where people have had abnormal growth of organs, bones, and or cartilage. High blood pressure, hardening of the arteries and diabetes are also listed as severe side effects of taking HGH. Insulin resistance is another side effect. The added stress on the pituitary gland causes the glad to lower its output thus making the reason for taking the HGH in the first place pointless. Taking it to lose fat and increase lean muscle mass, but inevitably becoming insulin resistant thus causing weight gain and the inability to control blood sugars and weight for the future.

The side effects can often diminish by lowering the dosage, or taking it less often. However there have not been enough studies to know if the side effects were completely stopped. HGH makes the organs in your body grow and the increase in mass of the organs cause them to work harder. Over a period of time doing these organs begin to tire, damage and shut down. It also increases the risk for many chronic diseases since the organs original shape and function has been altered.

You should always talk to your physician about any medications you may be taking. Especially in the case of Human Growth Hormones, it is very important to find the proper balance of dosage and frequency to your condition. If you do not have a medical condition that requires a drug you should never take them for fun. They do have the potential to kill you.